About Me

Ngahuia Riri

I always wondered why sites have these pages, mostly I see people telling about all their awards and how great they are, I could do the same, but I don't know how interesting it would be.  I figure I will tell you the short version, I started photography as a hobby about 25 years ago, and then when I moved to Wellington it turned to something else when I was asked to photograph my first wedding, oh it was daunting and I still remember it today, it was amazing, beautiful and full of love.... YIP I fell for it hook line and sinker, and have never looked back

What came next

I joined a local camera club to learn a bit more about my camera, and to meet more like minded people.  I trolled through youtube and learn't all that I could, in fact, I learn something new each day. I am a person who believes in pay it forward, and I have done many times.   I have done a large number of portraits and weddings for people who are in need and don't have the means to pay full prices, I help out with teaching other photographers as well.

image of bride and groom